Payment Reconciliation: Does it really have to be so difficult?

There are many activities in today’s challenging healthcare environment that absolutely need to be high touch: the care given to a patient, the understanding of the patient’s social and living environment, and knowing and working within a patient’s financial constraints … Read more

The Next Frontier: Tending to your customers is the key to success in value-based care

Patients, providers and employees are all customers of healthcare enterprises. We all know that consumerism is becoming one of the most powerful market forces in healthcare. As a provider, making sure the customer experience is excellent will keep them in … Read more

After 20 Years Managing the Revenue Cycle, Here’s One Thing I’m Just Learning Now

It really pays to get a checkup – even before you know something’s wrong. And especially if we’re talking about a revenue cycle management system. This pearl of wisdom has become increasingly clear to me since I joined GE Healthcare … Read more