Healthcare Isn’t a Game … But Maybe It Should Be!

Power up Your Employees, Especially Millennials, with Gamification Pop quiz! Which generation group makes up the largest percentage of our workforce in 2016? If you said anything other than millennials, you’d be incorrect. Millennials – those aged 18 to 34 … Read more

GE Healthcare receives 2016 Computerworld Data + Editor’s Choice Award

On Monday, September 12, 2016 GE Healthcare’s Centricity™ EDI Services was awarded the 2016 Computerworld Data + Editor’s Choice Award. The annual awards program “honors organizations achieving business benefits through big data such as fighting credit-card fraud, determining the best ways … Read more

Want to take a flight on a jetliner piloted on intuition alone?

How would you like to take your next trip on a jet flown by a crew using their intuition alone, no instrumentation? Or can you imagine a big fashion retailer ordering their merchandise based only on intuition, with no review … Read more

Handshakes instead of finger pointing

Value based reimbursement is in full swing and there is immense pressure on payers and providers to maintain or improve margins.  Yet, estimates show that 9% of the total waste in US healthcare spend is attributed to administrative complexity. Today’s … Read more