GE Healthcare is fully behind the HL7 FHIR standards for API’s

In November 2017 the Centricity™ Practice Solution 12.3 and Centricity™ EMR 9.12 products were certified to the ONC 2015 Edition certification criteria. The products were released into general availability for GE Healthcare customers just in time for Christmas. Included in … Read more

Digital Breast Tomo, Tumor, Surgery, Radiation…Wait

A month ago I wrote about what we thought was a cyst in my wife’s right breast, Following a digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) and biopsy, the pathology report thought it benign but included a strong recommendation for surgical removal and … Read more

Interested in getting paid faster? Focus your training on the front desk.

High deductible plans continue to force what for many is an uncomfortable conversation about payment for services, and the day is coming when insurance co-payments are a thing of the past. The staff member caught in the middle of this … Read more