Value-Based Care: Delivering More Using Less

The idea of delivering more using less seems like the same turnip we have all tried to squeeze countless times before. With the emerging addition of Value-Based Care (VBC) reimbursement models, now the struggle to keep pace in a mixed-mode, … Read more

More treating, with less of the typing and clicking

From a white-coat holding a stethoscope to a white-coat behind a screen, the image of today’s doctor has evolved to a more digitally-savvy, but perhaps less patient-engaged clinician. An influx of studies and media coverage have perpetuated this view, focusing … Read more

Cloud and Analytics – powerful duo to drive actionable insights

In a report issued by Gartner[i] nearly one third of organizations either already use or plan to use cloud-based analytic offerings to augment their core business intelligence (BI) functions. The report suggests end users of computing software can be frustrated … Read more