Finding the Value in Value Based Healthcare

Andrew Slotnick

Value Based Healthcare is upon us, forcing delivery networks of all shapes and sizes to face a potentially uncomfortably transition. Parting ways with a delivery model (fee for service) that has largely defined the modern day US healthcare system will not be easy.

We must all get smarter. Patients, vendors and providers must all become smarter consumers of healthcare in order to realize the underlying value of value based care. Patients can begin leveraging engagement technologies like portals to communicate more closely with their providers, vendors can drive solutions for integrated care to better manage critical populations and providers can proactively manage the convergence of clinical and financial outcomes to maintain the health of their businesses.

Capturing and managing data is the foundation of achieving a value based model and a powerful first step for those caught in the value based headlight. Unifying financial and clinical data helps practices become more intelligent through better benchmarking, stronger coordination and workflow optimization.

The video below highlights how solutions from GE Healthcare are helping provider’s move towards achieving value based delivery networks by strengthening business intelligence.


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