Who Remembers “Drops of Jupiter”?


The Office of the Inspector General just published a really interesting report talking about adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and the trends that had driven that adoption.  While we’ve lived through the regulatory changes that have driven massive and rapid adoption of EHR’s, it’s useful to step back and take and look at how far and fast we’ve come.

The velocity in the market is incredible.   As described in the OIG article, 95% of physicians who are using an EHR system have adopted since 2001.  Let’s think about that for a second…in 2001, Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” was one of the top songs and that’s not even on the oldies stations yet.  This may be one of the most rapid adoptions of any new technology that we’ve seen.   Even more amazingly, 22% of all physicians started using an EHR in 2011.

Anybody who’s looked around the EHR space can see that it’s a crowded space with a lot of players.  The OIGs survey of 1,506 practitioners recorded the use of 135 EHR systems from more than 110 different vendors.  GE Healthcare was recognized by OIG as one of the top four vendors with 8.64% of the physicians who responded to the survey.   In fact, when I looked at the table in Appendix A, it becomes clear that it’s basically a dead heat among the top vendors in the market.

As I talked about in my last blog, there are still a lot of physicians who are selecting an EMR system, particularly in small practices.  The OIG’s research shows that only 57% of all physicians have adopted an EMR so I think we’re going to see large adoption in 2012 and 2013.  Farzad Mostashari, the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology also commented that 48% of the physicians that have not yet adopted an EMR are either in the process of adopting an EHR or plan to adopt one “in the coming months.”  With that pace of adoption and with ICD-10 and MU2 on the near-term horizon, this continues to be a dynamic, chaotic and exciting market.  We’re proud to be the partner of many physicians adopting EHR’s for the first time or upgrading their systems to improve the functionality and workflow in their offices.


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