What is Big Data in Healthcare? Part Two: GE Healthcare’s Approach


Here at GE Healthcare, we are taking the power of the EHR to the next level, creating solutions to enable our user community to render their best care to the communities they serve.

Through our Medical Quality Improvement Consortium (MQIC), a group of 650 practices that use our CPS and Centricity EMR products contribute de-identified data on 35 million patient records from 36,000 providers across the United States. Because the geographic distribution of the MQIC data mimics the distribution of the overall U.S. population The MQIC map[Figure 2], the aggregated MQIC data can be used to take observation from the local-community level to the national-community level, allowing us and our research partners to benchmark healthcare quality and the success of interventions across the much larger community of patients.

At our Global Software Research Center in San Ramón, California, a thousand GE engineers will be working to enable the Industrial Internet as part of our $2 billion investment in software development over the next 5 years. A group there is focused on developing new methods for large-scale data visualization that will allow our customers to unlock the power of Big Data and further enhance observation of outcomes and health trends at the national and even global level. [Figure 3] GE Global Software Research Center

As a software-enabled solutions provider, GE Healthcare is particularly well-poised to provide end-to-end, integrated, innovative tools and services that bring together the many pieces of this complex process. Advanced methods for patient engagement, data visualization, pattern recognition, and intervention assessment all support the aims of any accountable-care program. Evidence-based community-health efforts that are deployed and refined based on continuous and cyclic observation of EHR data and that are supported by a modern, patient-focused EHR can greatly enhance the delivery of healthcare to the community.

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