Too Small to Virtualize?

Jim Fleming

Gaining the Benefits of Server Virtualization May Be Simpler Than You Think

Many people in healthcare IT are aware of the advantages of virtualizing the data center – reduced downtime, consolidated infrastructure and improved utilization rates, just to name a few.

However, some smaller providers such as imaging centers or physician groups remain wary of undertaking server virtualization.

Are you among those who think virtualizing is beyond your resource capabilities? Worried that it’ll take too much time, effort and training for your staff? Rest easy. Implementing virtualization can be simpler and quicker for your organization than you might expect.

We’re not talking about a big, scary monster of a job here. Most small providers don’t need the most complex application features available for virtualization. That makes the process more straightforward. You get a server that’s already configured for all the virtual machines (VMs) you need. Technicians make a brief visit to install the proper software and get your team set up with log-ins, etc.

There’s very little training involved, and most of it can happen in the normal course of the day. All told, you’re looking at an initial investment of several thousand dollars, not tens of thousands.

Compare that to the alternative. If you need to replace or expand your physical hardware, you need a new server for every application. As your organization grows, these IT infrastructure investments can really add up.

Once you virtualize, you have greater flexibility to adapt, while strengthening the resiliency of your data with load balancing and failover capabilities that your physical systems lacked. The point is: There really is no size too small for server virtualization. And while other small providers shy away from this valuable technology, you can use it to get ahead of the game.

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