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My wife and I recently returned from our honeymoon in Greece.  In addition to some great Greek food and a couple of good hiking trips, some of our fondest memories will come from the boutique hotels we stayed in.  Our favorite was a place in Santorini with only 22 rooms – probably a tenth the size of the hotels in which we each routinely stay for business travel.  By the end of our four days in Santorini, the folks in the restaurant knew what we wanted for breakfast, the bartender knew what we drank, and we were greeted by name every time we came in.

I think this same desire for more connection is one of the reasons that small medical practices continue to dominate the landscape.  (Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against large practices:  My GP and my ophthalmologist are each with a large Boston medical group while my orthopedist is a one-man practice.)  However, I’ve been spending a lot of time with small practices recently because we’re seeing extremely rapid adoption of EMR in practices with fewer than 10 providers.  One study that I read indicated that only 35% of single-doctor offices had an EMR fully implemented, but that adoption in that segment was very rapid..  GE Healthcare IT is proud to be the EMR and Practice Management solution of choice for more than 2500 practices with fewer than 10 providers and we’ve partnered with some of them to achieve really fantastic results.

One example of this is Dublin Primary Care in Colorado Springs, CO.  Dublin is a nine-physician practice that has used Centricity Practice Solution since 2006 and has been able to drive significant change in their practice.  Overall, they’ve reduced the number of staff that they require per physician so that they’re 25% below the industry average while reducing their days in Accounts Receivable by 50%.  Because of this, they recognized a return on their investment in only a year and are continuing to improve patient care by the use of advanced analytics that help them understand their patient population in greater depth.

With so many great customers in small practices, I think it’s fair to say that GE Healthcare is very dedicated to these providers.   We‘ve focused our investments and energies on creating a solution that works the way our customers need it to. Centricity Practice Solution is a great product for providers in the 1-10 space, clearly illustrated by Dublin.  Key to our service to the small physician market is our network of Value Added Reseller partners.  This is an expanding nationwide network of partners who specialize in addressing the needs of small practices.  These partners support thousands of small practices by providing tailored and local service and they’re a key part of our ecosystem.

I continue to be excited about the rapid adoption of EMR by small physician practices.  While I doubt my orthopedists office will ever remember what I drink or offer me a glass of Vinsanto, I’m glad they’ll have a complete story on my medical history.


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