The Shortest Distance Between Identification and Implementation

Jeannine Kuzaro

It’s easy to state the goal: Identify the current state of your Enterprise Task Management (ETM) system then move ASAP to a future state that features the latest functionality and best practices.

For many organizations, it’s the ASAP part that often proves challenging.

We recently helped a longtime customer make short, efficient work of a complete overhaul which included scanning solutions, electronic data management (EDM) and seven workflows. Our work shortened the distance from identification to implementation by using three common steps that would apply to any organization:

  1. Define: Find gaps in current workflows and identify the ETM system that would employ the best, most current practices. For the shortest path to implementation, it’s critical to get this step right.
  2. Develop: Work with an organization to optimize the latest functionality—then take the time to thoroughly test each part of the system (and train all who will use it) right up to the go-live date.
  3. Deploy: Going live shouldn’t mean going it alone. Just the opposite. Ongoing assessments after going live ensure everything stays on track and none of the most critical factors impacting ultimate success gets overlooked.

Making sure all steps get the attention they deserve typically results in both quantitative and qualitative outcomes. Specific targets get identified early and measured regularly. And the people most affected by changes get the training and guidance they need throughout the rollout process to make the most of whatever has been implemented.

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