The Next Frontier: Tending to your customers is the key to success in value-based care

Evan Richards

Patients, providers and employees are all customers of healthcare enterprises. We all know that consumerism is becoming one of the most powerful market forces in healthcare. As a provider, making sure the customer experience is excellent will keep them in your network resulting in overall improved outcomes.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as a core operational component, drives success in other industries such as retail, airlines and banking. Healthcare needs to aggressively adopt CRM strategies to be successful in the new world of value-based care.

Let’s take a closer look at the key constituents:

  1. Patients – By providing patients with a “one-and-done” experience that fulfills all requests in a concierge-like manner, CRM can help organizations develop brand awareness and reputation. Healthcare is a “word-of-mouth” business, and patients will refer their friends and family if they have a great experience.
  2. Providers – By delivering a concierge level experience in terms of care coordination, financial management and referral management to contracted providers, organizations will be better positioned to attract top talent, enabling growth of service lines and further developing brand awareness.
  3. Employees – Implementing CRM strategies and resources gives employees and clinicians easy access to scheduling tools, education, and other corporate resources helps build the organization’s reputation as a great place to work. This helps the organization attract and retain top talent, which in turn provides a great patient experience.

The data and insights from these interactions, captured in a CRM solution, enables the organization to adapt quickly to their market, offering new and differentiated services, and programs to ensure growth in the new world of value-based care.

At GE Healthcare, we are innovating with Customer Relationship Management to help your organizations be successful. Please contact me via LinkedIn for more information.

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