The Last Mile: How to Successfully Implement AI Technology into Patient Care

Todd McNitt

The recipe for Artificial Intelligence’s success in healthcare goes far beyond the creation of technology. It goes far beyond access to data. It goes beyond a single tool, startup or initiative.

What will ultimately drive AI’s success in healthcare is a holistic, collaborative approach – one that leverages the clinical expertise of academic partners, that spans multiple medical specialties, and that involves not just applications but the infrastructure for successful clinical deployment and adoption.

This approach may sound ambitious. It is. But it’s also realistic of what it will take to ensure AI realizes its potential to transform the practice of medicine and improve the lives of patients around the world.

That’s why GE Healthcare recently announced a 10-year collaboration with Partners HealthCare of Boston – to bring together clinicians, data scientists, engineers and products managers to develop technology, a platform and the business models to integrate AI into every aspect of patient care.[i]

With Partners HealthCare, in addition to our other academic partners UCSF and Boston Children’s Hospital, we are using massive data sets, clinical expertise, market knowledge and data science capabilities to target clinicians’ greatest challenges and patients’ greatest needs. The teams will also evaluate and work to address the challenges of AI adoption and implementation, so the technology can be easily integrated into clinical practice and begin improving healthcare quality, cost and access globally. Finally, we will open the platform for third party development and contribution. AI is too expansive for a single entity to successfully integrate it into healthcare alone.

This is the beginning of an exciting journey, and we are proud to partner with clinical leaders to deliver on the promise of AI as an enabling technology.

[i] Technology in development that represents ongoing research and development efforts. These technologies are not products and may never become products. Not for sale. Not cleared or approved by the U.S. FDA or any other global regulator for commercial availability

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