The Journey Toward Transforming Healthcare


What I love about being here at CentricityTM Live is the passion and the commitment to transforming healthcare that is evident everywhere I go…not only in the formal sessions, but also the informal talks over lunch and in the hall. Whether listening to GE Healthcare speakers or customers, I see a group that is definitely ‘not afraid of disruption’ (to paraphrase John Dineen from yesterday’s keynote panel), but rather is steadfastly committed to making continual improvements with both big and small steps. We all feel the pressure to improve, but there’s a tangible energy here around better solutions, more innovation, next steps…transformation.

To that point, today Mike Jackman shared the vision for GE Healthcare’s Care Delivery Management and Imaging solutions and the plans underway to help providers improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes. “We start with the outcomes in mind, and then we develop the software,” Mike said. “The key to this is customer intimacy. Customers are involved every step of the way to ensure we’re addressing your issues and the outcomes that are most important to you.”

Mike stressed three critical areas of continued investment:

  1. Interoperability—a continued commitment to open standards, vendor-agnostic interoperability with EMR and other systems, “ensuring workflow that flows.”
  2. Analytics—Mike shared some current analytics offerings and what our customers can expect to see next. “In an era of connectivity, data insights and analytics will be key.”
  3. Care Pathway—continual efforts to further connect the many caregivers and specialists involved in addressing the complex diseases and conditions caregivers and patients face daily. Mike also mentioned leveraging the power of cloud to provide greater access, collaboration, and insights to drive improved outcomes.

We are in an exciting industry. We see our customers’ amazing work, unyielding commitment, and passion for improving healthcare every day. Mike echoed our commitment to help you do the mission-critical work you do. It is a privilege to be on this journey of transformation with you.

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