The Healthcare Industry: Who doesn’t like a good challenge?


I was talking with a graphic designer recently who was changing jobs, as well as industries. She made a comment that she didn’t think the new industry she’d be working in would be quite as exciting as the one she was leaving, but said the industry wasn’t an important criteria for her job selection. I found myself thinking how happy I am to be in an industry I am really passionate about. As a marketer, I, like her, could work in other industries and have worked in other industries. But for the last 15 or so years, I have found my home in healthcare. I love working with all of you who are dedicated to making a difference in the world, providing quality healthcare to so many patients who need you. Some of you are delivering care at the bedside – superheroes to your patients and their loved ones. Others of you may perform your heroic actions behind the scenes, perhaps as a hospital administrator or an IT director, doing the many things required to keep the operation humming…no small feat either. I am proud to be a part of it, and I am inspired daily.

It certainly isn’t an easy industry to be in though, is it? There’s a lot going on. And the shift from volume based to value-based care delivery comes with its share of challenges. Increasing government policies and reporting requirements. Mounting financial pressures. The complexity of patient health issues. Increasing consumer expectations as patients pay more from their own wallet for their care. The challenges that come with hospital acquisitions and mergers. The growing demands of a more mobile workforce. The need to ensure collaboration among caregivers, regardless of their location, to ensure streamlined patient-centric care.

With all of these pressures in mind, providers have to focus on three key areas to succeed: clinical quality, operational efficiency, and financial performance.

Industry analysts like the Institute of Medicine cite significant waste in the healthcare system. But the good news is that there is real opportunity to address the waste head on. And healthcare IT can play an important role. We’re working with providers who are leveraging our software to help them decrease their OR turnaround times and optimize revenue, improve nursing efficiency, reduce supply costs, enhance patient satisfaction, cut the time it takes to read a study in the cardiology unit… The list goes on and the outcomes we can achieve together are unlimited. And the conversations we have with our customers about the outcomes they’re trying to achieve shape our product development.  It’s exciting to see the ‘voice of our customers’ translated into new solutions designed to meet their needs.

Just as your caregivers need to work together as a coordinated care team, we as healthcare IT providers are an extension of your care team in a way. Our mission is to help you achieve your mission… caring for every patient as efficiently and as effectively as possible. We want to help you not only survive in this environment of challenges, but thrive.

I’m not saying it’s always easy but working together, we can accomplish powerful things. And that’s why for me, healthcare is an industry that would be hard to leave.

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