The 90-Day Analytics Fitness Regimen

Charles Holive

Six Simple Secrets to Drive Solid, Head-Turning Results!

Is your healthcare analytics program out of shape? Is your data dragging you down? Don’t accept the status quo.

It’s time to pump up your predictive platform. I’m here to tell you…you can get results in just three months. So let’s start crunching those numbers! Because when you tone your “body of data” into insights in 90 days, you can start giving that knowledge a workout that firms up your organization right away.

OK, OK, but seriously … you really should strive to get value from your analytics solution within 90 days.

If you’re not getting that value, you have one of two problems: You’re trying for too big a piece of the pie, so you need to try a smaller slice. Or, you’re studying data that’s not relevant to your goals.

In either case, you’ve got to get moving. Start with these six simple secrets.

  1. Fail fast, learn fast. The big failure of big programs is long cycles where insight takes 18-24 months to appear (or not). In other words, it takes too long to fail. When you approach your analytics solution with a “fail fast” mentality, you can get to value quickly, or at least more quickly discover there’s no value to be found down a particular data hole, so you can climb out and move on to more promising insights.
  2. Think big, but get focused. While there is waste to eliminate everywhere in your system, get consensus on what needs to change first: Financial outcomes? Clinical outcomes? Workflow? Operational efficiency? Whatever it is, work within one of those categories, not all of them at once.
  3. Be a “pragmatic dreamer.” If your data analytics vision is to be realized, it’s crucial that you take the pragmatic steps necessary to get leadership and teams on-board with your dream. If an analytics initiative fails, it fails because everyone isn’t aligned. The tool then becomes a management dashboard – a stick, not the carrot. It doesn’t last long, and the dream disappears.
  4. Deploy proven technology. A solid healthcare analytics platform is the driver of any valuable insight. It’s about a lot more than having a snazzy-looking user interface on the surface. You need a foundation that’s capable of handling data from any asset or any IT system. Then you can apply algorithms, modify the categories to suit your needs, and create a clean data funnel.
  5. Assemble a solution-focused team. Solution-oriented experts will dive into your data multiple times per quarter to find information you can use. They become experts at asking the right questions and using those answers to extract analytics insights that you can act on to achieve the results you want.
  6. Follow through with change management. Analytics itself isn’t going to solve a problem. You need to implement and support behavioral changes that will push the value of analytics throughout your organization in real and measurable ways.

At GE Healthcare, that’s our obsession: we measure our success with one main KPI -> Time-to-Value to our customers < 90 days. Our people crunch data within days to make a fast plan or assessment. Then we dive right in, validating assumptions and continuously solving problems along the way.

So, are you ready to get serious about results? No more excuses! You should expect to make quick and measureable progress that matters. When you apply these secrets, you can tighten the cycle down to a few months – or even weeks. Don’t delay; start getting your analytics program in shape today!



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