Server Virtualization: DIY or Delegate?

Jim Schmidt

If you’re like me, you take on the occasional home improvement project. It can save you money, and keep you occupied on the weekend.

Except sometimes, it keeps you a little too occupied. Like when my wife and I remodeled our master bathroom, and it required some complicated plumbing work that took us multiple weekends.

In hindsight, after all the headaches and frustration, I would have gladly paid the pros. They would have finished the job in half a day or less, and I could have focused on the work I’m good at.

There’s a lesson here for organizations considering whether to implement a virtual server infrastructure – whether to do it on their own, or lean on outside expertise. Hospital management sometimes underestimates the amount and complexity of the work involved with server virtualization.

There might be a dozen or more modalities. Several different types of servers. Multiple data management systems. All of it has to be deployed properly and compatibly, with the right load balancing and memory capacities. Many different modalities, types of servers and data management systems are in play. Beyond deployment, there’s also the task of supporting and maintaining the virtualized environment to keep crucial processes running when they’re needed.

Considering all these issues – which amount to really just a sampling – the question is: What is the most efficient and effective way to use your resources?

In most cases, IT staff can provide better value handling day-to-day management of mission-critical infrastructure, rather than tackling a virtualization project that – like the occasional DIY home renovation – could to lead to problems you and your team would be happy to avoid.

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