Second-generation EMR

Charlie Neimeth

Jay Roxe’s July post “Who remembers Drops of Jupiter” on the rapid uptake of EMR technology made me think about another important dynamic we are seeing in the field. That is the growing EMR replacement market. Many of the practices that have adopted since 2001 are now looking for a new system because what they have no longer meets their needs.

So why are all of these practices looking for a second-generation solution? Factors include vendor and product issues due to merger and acquisition activity, lack of compliance with emerging regulations, and an inability to demonstrate Meaningful Use.

KLAS has said that decision criteria are changing. Providers looking to replace their existing system are less focused now on cost and more driven to settle in with a proven vendor that has a solid reputation.

Many practices are turning to GE Healthcare. Not only because our customers are leaders in physician attestation and reimbursement for Meaningful Use, but for other reasons as well. Here is what some of our new customers have told us about why they chose Centricity Practice Solution from GE Healthcare.

  • Vendor stability – “what we liked about the product was that it was a single-vendor solution. We liked the fact that GE has fantastic financial viability as a vendor. We know they’re not going to go out of business overnight. That means a lot to us.” (Academic medical center, purchased CPS in April 2012)
  • Domain expertise – “GE very thoroughly understood our organization’s needs and was engaged from day one trying to understand our business. They were able to directly translate CPS functionality to meet our needs.” (Orthopedic practice, purchased in February 2012)
  • Advanced products – “Our previous EMR had not been enhanced for years and we had concerns that the same thing would happen to the PM system.  GE offers superior products and services including more robust reporting and benchmarking capabilities.” (Orthopedic practice, purchased CPS in February 2012)
  • Single-vendor solution – “GE offers integration and interoperability. With our previous system we had constant interface headaches which ultimately compromised a number of the Hospital’s administrative functions. The primary reason for purchasing CPS was the integration between billing and clinical systems.” (Regional hospital, purchased CPS in June 2012)

Jay mentioned over 100 vendors currently in the EMR market. With second-generation needs now in front of us, it looks like that number is going to get smaller very soon.


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