RSNA 2014 Booth Duty – Enjoying the Conversation!

Tom Zimmerman

After months of detailed – and sometimes laborious – planning, I love the spontaneity of RSNA once the doors open. Even as I eased in to my assigned post in the booth, I wondered what unexpected turns the day might take. It didn’t take long…!

A bright young group of radiology residents stepped out of our augmented reality, multimedia presentation. No thank you, they told me with friendly head shakes, they didn’t really need to see any additional product demos. Their institution already had PACS and they were pretty well versed in the latest universal viewing technology. The quick looks between them and some body language tipped me off that they really wanted to move on to their next booth destination. But they politely allowed me to ask one last question – “There’s more to your imaging workflow than just using a PACS viewer, is there anything in particular you’d like to do better?”

More looks between them as they drifted toward the aisle, but then one spoke up.

“We need more response from the referring clinicians.”

“Yes,” another said and thought about it, “we’d like more active dialog with the referrings.”

Ah, like a cloud-based professional social network for clinical collaboration?

“Maybe…” one agreed.

When I last saw them, they were still engaged in a lively collaborative care conversation with my cloud solution colleague down the way, and seemed in no hurry to leave. Good for them!  

Not too long after that, I greeted a much more experienced gentleman emerging from the same presentation theater. He looked quite familiar, although the suit and tie seemed out of context. Then he greeted me and I recognized his unmistakable east-coast baritone. It was one of our radiologist partners who had kindly taken time to speak in several of the video segments for the in-booth presentation. He teased me along the lines that we could have helped to make him look more like a movie star in the video. But the kidding aside, it was an unexpected pleasure to chat with someone who is making a daily difference with patient care, taking the time to share his first-hand experience with others and then continuing to advance his own knowledge at an event like RSNA. Another conversational gold nugget and a reminder of the exceptional people we are fortunate to work with.

It was a busy day, so there were many other conversations of course.

One other to share for today’s post. A longtime customer and user of our solutions stopped by with a new colleague from his institution. They are a relatively small regional facility, committed to excellent patient care. They are also challenged to make every penny of their budget count. We walked his new team member through a product demo for a particular upgrade they have been considering. It has been under review for quite some time and by all accounts the solution value is objectively strong.

Still, the decision remains open for now – budgets are tight everywhere and many institutions face similar barriers. It was a good, candid RSNA conversation—one that we want to help with as we continue to advance healthcare together.

Much more RSNA 2014 and many more conversations ahead – for Thursday’s post I’ll share a few personal memories from the 2nd half of RSNA’s first 100 years!

Be encouraged in all that you do,

Tom Z

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