Nursing shortage

Sharon Carpinello

I was recently reading an article in US News & World Report₁ about the nursing workforce and will there be enough nurses to meet the future demands. Did you know that 55% of the RN workforce is age 50 years or older2  with the changing economy and the upcoming retirement of the current RN workforce it does make one wonder about the future of RNs.   The good news is that in 2011 more than 142,000 new RNs passed the NCLEX-RN® exam3  but will that be enough ?

New staffing standards and clinical workflows are helping push standardization of staffing levels. These new/updated standards, such as the AWHONN staffing guidelines4 are helping manage the overall changes in clinical practice. Within the perinatal care areas as the pregnancy complications increase, length of stay decreases and documentation requirements increase, the clinician’s role continues to change. As responsibilities increase and the number of RNs decrease, tools that help enhance clinical efficiency are a must.

Recently I was talking with a group of nurses and they were sharing many of the same concerns/thoughts I had. They shared they needed tools to “get the information in one place” and that technology works with their current workflow not the clinicians working for the technology! With Centricity™ Perinatal, we recognize the need for specialized tools in the maternal infant care areas and our clinical teams are ready to help optimize those tools for your needs.

Moving forward we should encourage others to become nurses-it’s a great profession!  Work with your hospital and your vendors to assure the tools are a right match for your specialized work care areas to enhance the clinician’s workflow.



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4AWHONN Staffing ratios.

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