Nice High-Performance Vehicle. But Can You Drive It?

Lucy DeBruin

Let’s say you have a hot new sports car. 560 horsepower. Zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds. An all-around amazing piece of technology.

What good is this muscular machine, however, if you don’t learn how to handle it – how to drive it fast and smooth, hug the turns, zip past the competition?

The same kind of question applies to a high-performance healthcare IT solution.

You can implement the most advanced system, with the most streamlined workflows. You can employ the most talented, experienced people. But if you and your people don’t learn how to drive the technology, you won’t get the maximum performance.

To do that, you need good training. Concerted, comprehensive, continuous training.

In healthcare, so much is different today from just a few years ago. The technologies are changing fast, as are the processes to help your organization adapt. Training, therefore, is essential to helping your people get and stay up to speed. Training is essential to take full advantage of systems like CentricityTM Business, and to help your people do their best in their specific roles.

A complete education strategy can help you get the highest rate of return on your technology investments, by helping employees optimize their workflows day to day, and even minute to minute. It’s about delivering the right level of education, for the right person, at the right time.

The results are increased efficiency for an organization, more job satisfaction for employees, and even a better experience for patients.

Don’t overlook training’s purpose and potential. Because a truly transformative team, just like an expert driver, doesn’t happen by mistake.

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