It’s two weeks until training. Do you have your prep checklist?

Dana Fox

The time is now to make sure you have all the essentials in order. Don’t wait. Don’t wing it.

Starting a solid training preparation checklist two weeks to a month (or more) in advance ensures that when training day arrives, both the instructor and training customer can enjoy a smooth, productive learning experience.

What should be on your checklist? Specifics will vary depending on the type of training, but here are several fundamental elements that typically should be agreed to and addressed:

Expectations – What will participants get out of the class? What do they need to know ahead of time?
Agenda and class times – Make sure breaks and refreshments are included.
Attendee list – Provided in advance or available onsite if there are last-minute changes.
Documentation – Printed documents still provide benefits, giving participants a good memory aid and a place to take notes. Who will print documents for each class? Who will deliver them to classrooms? Or will documents be distributed electronically? If so, how?
Evaluation forms – Usually administered electronically.
Training rooms – Make sure you have all necessary resources available:
• Enough PCs, configured and tested – this is a big one!
• Appropriate logins
• Flip chart/markers
• Paper and pens
• Working printer and paper if necessary
Additional logistics – You’re going to need contact info for day-of-training troubleshooting, particularly IT-related. Detailed directions to the training room are important, too – for students and instructors alike.

Even with these items confirmed, it’s a good idea to go to the training site an hour or so before the start time to double-check things. Be ready for all possibilities, and you’ll increase your odds of a successful, smoothly run training session.

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