If you blink, you’ll miss it!

Sue Feury

Progressive functionality in the latest version of Centricity Practice Solution
helps practices increase productivity and also prepare for regulatory change.

Last spring, the CFO of a neurology practice gave me insights to her long term strategy.  She said to me that she was trying to prepare for an avalanche of regulatory change without overwhelming her providers and staff.

  • Step 1 was to adopt the Centricity Practice Solution EMR.
  • Step 2 was to attest to Stage 1 of Meaningful Use as soon as possible after go-live.
  • Step 3 was to pause.  Yes, pause. For 6-12 months. Why? People can absorb only so much change at once.
  • Then, in Step 4, she would tackle ICD-10.  And she was REALLY hoping GE Healthcare would release technology to help her smooth that transition because she was concerned about provider overload and loss of practice productivity.

That CFO was right to look to GE Healthcare for solutions — not only for the transition to ICD-10 but also for innovative ways to help improve the productivity of her clinicians and other staff.

This week, we delivered.

Our new version of Centricity Practice solution offers time-saving features that can help your practice increase productivity and also prepare for regulatory change in a manner that is best suited for you.

  • Progressive – Problem entry is now so fast that if you blink, you’ll miss it! With a new dynamic search engine and one-click problem entry, Centricity Practice Solution simplifies the data entry required for medical providers to comply with new the ICD-10 coding requirements and reduces the number of clicks required to enter a problem by 75%. As with previous versions, Centricity Practice Solution includes a portfolio of pre-built reports and access to GE Healthcare’s database of nearly 30 million de-identified patient records, so that providers can gather information to prepare to attest for Meaningful Use, benchmark clinical outcomes and adopt new care models like Patient Centered Medical Home.
  • InteroperableCentricity Practice Solution is available as a fully-integrated EMR/PM package, or either module (yes, even the EMR module!) can be configured to operate as a standalone solution. Centricity Practice Solution also has the built-in tools and forms that enable it to connect to virtually any hospital EMR or revenue cycle system, thus enabling providers to share data with multiple delivery networks in order to offer more coordinated, data-driven care.
  • CustomizableCentricity Practice Solution continues to offer flexible workflows that providers can configure to mirror how their specific practice operates, thus reducing the amount of time spent on data entry. Additionally, Centricity Practice Solution allows exceptional customization and decision support tools that enable more streamlined and efficient patient encounters.

We’re really excited to share the new release with you.  Feedback from our early adopters is very positive – and several have noted faster system performance.   We hope you take a moment to watch the video and see the new release for yourself!

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