Hospitals and IDNs bring new clinical IT strategies to RSNA

Reid Losee

RSNA is always an experience. This year the Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise demo station has been packed with directors of IT, radiologists, and other attendees full of questions on how to simplify and consolidate their various systems in a way that helps improves workflow. I have truly enjoyed the chance to talk at length with some of these attendees about their longer term IT strategy.

One discussion with an attendee responsible for IT at a large IDN was particularly interesting. She started off with probing questions to better understand our solution. As the discussion went on, we had the opportunity to discuss her overall strategy. With more than 20 different cardiovascular image and information management systems across the IDN, she is looking for a solution that balances best of breed with interoperability. Add to the mix the lDN location – a resort community.

This means patients need some mechanism to import and later export critical information related to their condition or a medical treatment. She wants to find a way to maintain a patient focus rather than a procedure focus so the patient journey yields a satisfying patient experience. And finally, she wants a way to go from outcomes to analysis to predictive population management so she can analyze and predict how to help improve the health system.

With careful attention to balancing best of breed with interoperability, GE Healthcare IT shares many of these same goals and visions I heard from this customer. We have a relentless focus on creating insights that healthcare providers can act on to drive meaningful outcomes, including enhancing patient satisfaction.

A recent personal experience illustrated there is still so much work to do. It started with an ER visit that led to hospitalization and multiple procedures, medications, and lab results. A second visit to the same ER a few days after discharge meant that the ER had none of this critical information available. From a patient perspective, we have such a long way to go. I’m relieved that there are visionaries like the IT director above who sees and understands where we need to go, and is working to make it happen.

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