Healthcare IT Rocks San Diego

Andrew Slotnick

During this year’s MGMA event in San Diego, roughly 150 healthcare IT professionals came together at the Hard Rock Hotel to discuss productivity challenges with GE Healthcare IT. Dynamic discussions throughout the evening included trials and tribulations, best and worst practices, and valuable insights into how stakeholders across the delivery network manage productivity.

The immediate sense throughout the room was that stakeholders from across the practice should sit down and discuss productivity challenges more frequently. What slows down a receptionist is very different than what holds up a practitioner, yet loss of productivity affects the whole practice.

Too many clicks (54 to be exact), chasing down payments, extended wait times and too much paper were all topics of discussion and were artistically captured by a whiteboard artist from ImageThink in a fun yet insightful montage representing the many ways in which productivity is challenged on a daily basis.


Thank you to all who attended this unique event. We look forward to continuing the discussion around productivity and to hosting similar events in the future.


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