Healthcare Isn’t Sick Care

Amy Sebesta

It’s fair to say that most of us spend less than five percent of our time in a doctor’s office.  So… what happens the other 95 percent of the time? The answer to this question is becoming even more important to successfully navigating within a value-based care environment. The rise of internet searches for self-healthcare combined with increasing consumer pressures on when and how to spend out-of-pocket dollars seems to be at odds with healthcare provider goals to achieve better patient outcomes. So, why not take a bigger swing at focusing more on the other 95 percent? The concept of promoting health and prevention is not new, but has been slow to take-off due to lack of incentive in the traditional fee for service (sick care) based reimbursement model. With the rise of value-based care, there is a renewed opportunity to spend some resources in strategic populations for healthcare instead of sick care. 

For example, let’s examine the diabetic population, a diverse yet expensive chronic condition that can negatively impact a variety of health systems from vascular to renal to neurologic and beyond. Due to the complexity of the disease process, there is tremendous opportunity to coach patients to better health outside the office. The solutions can range from simple to more complex, but come with a powerful side benefit critical to better outcomes – patient empowerment and loyalty. Here are a few initiative possibilities to get you thinking:

1.       New Diagnosis Education and/or New Patient Education Workshop
2.       Selective Compliance Checks via Phone, Text or Online (portal)
3.       Recommend and Demonstrate Apps to Help Manage Care, Track Diet & Medications
4.       Personalized Diet Coaching and Recipe Exchange
5.       Diabetic Coach Newsletter
6.       Tips for Eating Out, Managing the Holidays, and Traveling
7.       Implement a Diabetes Concierge Available for Questions or Health Concerns
8.       Pair up with a Gym for Discounted Classes or Memberships
9.       Gamification or Badge Program to Reward Successful Care Management
10.  List of Recommended Products (eg: wearables, shoes, supply organizers, socks,

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know if you’ve considered, or have already implemented proactive and preventative healthcare in your organization.

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