Getting energized through nursing conventions

Sharon Carpinello

I remember being so energized from our Centricity™ Live user group last month, and that experience reinforced for me the importance of attending annual nursing convention.

Besides needing CEUs, which we all need today to keep our licensure, it is so important to take the time to grow professionally.  As a nurse, I know how easy it is to become comfortable with status quo, but today that is nearly impossible with all the changes in healthcare.   Think just 25 years ago (yes, I am showing my age)—no one documented in a computer.  I remember faxing to the lab and trying to page a provider and waiting for them to call back in the middle of the night and then needing to explain in detail how that fetal monitor strip looked, hoping they hear the urgency for interventions in my voice.  Times are changing and we nurses need to change with them.

I am attending AWHONN in June and cannot wait to celebrate the power of nursing with other Labor and Delivery nurses.  It really is like “home town days” and is one of my favorite conventions to attend. What is new in the field?  How can we continue to help enhance mom and baby care?  What are our nursing leaders going to share?   The opportunity for networking is endless –another top reason to attend.  How are they doing this at their hospital? How are they dealing with that new core measure?  These conversations are priceless.

This year at the GE Healthcare booth, I am thrilled that we’ll not only be focusing on our products, but also focusing on sharing best practices and market trends.   As our profession evolves, vendors need to do the same and focus on what really matters—allowing clinicians to provide optimized care to their patients.   Ask yourself, does your vendor have clinicians involved in the creation of their product?  How long have they been involved in your specialty area?   Do they really understand your clinical workflow?   I’m proud to say that GE Healthcare Centricity Perinatal can stand up and say yes to all these questions!

If you are at AWHONN in June, please stop by our booth.  I would love to meet you and swap some L&D stories!

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