GE Healthcare Digital’s plan for a better tomorrow

Jonathan Zimmerman

GE Healthcare Digital has been in the ambulatory EMR and Practice Management business for over fifteen years. We have thousands of customers who depend on us to provide clinical and financial solutions that help them deliver high quality care, improve outcomes and manage their practice’s administrative activities. We are 100% committed to both helping these customers succeed and to the ambulatory care delivery marketplace.

We all know that the world is changing at an accelerated pace. The journey toward value-based care is complex, dynamic and relentless. We know that status quo isn’t good enough. Vendors digitized an analog workflow the best they could, but as the world in which our customers’ practices evolves, we must help them evolve with it. We must seize the opportunity to boldly deliver new solutions designed from the ground up to address the challenges of today and be ready for come what may tomorrow. Any new approach must address the increasing complexity and fundamental shift that we are all experiencing today.   A solution is needed that simplifies healthcare delivery and enables providers to do what they do best at the highest level of quality and efficiency. That’s why we are embarking on a new journey. A journey that we’ll take with our customers to change and improve the healthcare IT landscape forever.

Yesterday, at Centricity™ LIVE, our national users’ conference in Phoenix, Arizona, we announced the introduction of Project Northstar, GE Healthcare’s next generation IT solution for ambulatory care delivery. Designed to help practices successfully transition to and thrive in the world of value-based care, Project Northstar will combine population health, care delivery, financial management and payer connectivity into a fully integrated, interoperable and intelligent software solution. Check out the interview that appeared on HIStalk for more.

We recognized the need for better means of healthcare delivery. That’s why Project Northstar is designed based on the principles of the Triple Aim. We followed these principles to re-imagine how providers, patients, and payers collaborate in the care delivery process. Project Northstar will deliver a completely connected solution to help ambulatory providers navigate the changing landscape of value-based care, while enhancing care quality and managing mixed payment models.

Project Northstar will deliver:

Optimized Workflows. Built in collaboration with leading medical providers and world-class technology partners, Project Northstar will automatically surface actionable patient-specific and population-based health insights, while enabling evidence-based, streamlined workflows to improve provider efficiency. We’ll also integrate relevant payer information into user workflows for scheduling, care delivery, and billing to help document adherence to clinical protocols while closing gaps in care within clinical workflows.

Improved Patient Outcomes. Taking a patient-centric approach, Project Northstar will introduce patient workflows that actively engage the patient in the experience and provide the patient with all of the necessary information to better manage their health. With improved provider workflow and patient engagement, providers will be able to quickly complete a patient encounter, while ensuring that all available data is captured for billing, risk management and quality reporting.

Cutting Edge Technology. Built on the GE Health Cloud, Project Northstar will be a flexible and adaptable solution that keeps pace with the evolution of how healthcare is delivered. Designed to facilitate maximum collaboration, Project Northstar will be able to capture information from virtually any PM/EMR system, payer database or third-party system to enable efficient and effective workflows.

Easy Migration, Open for All. For providers currently using Centricity Practice Solution or Centricity EMR, the introduction of Project Northstar will preserve their investment by improving current workflows through a gradual and safe migration to the GE Health Cloud.

Our commitment is to evolve Project Northstar to mirror the evolution in healthcare. We will bring clarity to the complex and help physicians and staff focus on care, improve the patient’s quality of care, and optimize their practices’ revenue cycle – so they can thrive as the value-based journey continues. We hope you’re excited as we are about our vision for a better tomorrow.

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