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Yesterday at our #Centricity LIVE user group meeting, I had the privilege of doing two great things: sitting and talking with our customers about innovation in Enterprise Imaging and listening to Melissa Etheridge describe her journey with breast cancer.

On the customer side, I presented our newest innovations in Enterprise Imaging – a mobile application that provides nurses and other healthcare professionals with the ability to take pictures of patient conditions, create documentation for the images and then upload the images to our vendor neutral archive (VNA) for sharing. A very clinical use case that many of you might ask how it relates to Enterprise Imaging.

Well, the market tells us that non-DICOM images are beginning to exceed the number of DICOM images. Nurses, doctors and other patient care providers take pictures of patient conditions to document care, determine treatment and many other things.  Until now, they have not had the tools and systems to do this in an efficient manner.

While our presentation was very clinically focused, the radiology teams in attendance started to understand how they could expand the use of their VNA and help impact their organization’s metrics in areas such as length of stay and reimbursement. They understood that they could reach beyond their borders, collaborate with others and help to provide technology to providers outside of radiology.

After the presentation, I went to the evening’s event with Melissa Etheridge. Ms. Etheridge chronicled her battle with breast cancer and her search for health. And, as a bonus, she entertained us with her music.

Ms. Etheridge complimented and gave credit to the nurses and technicians who provided her care and helped her get through chemo and radiation therapy. She gave credit to all of us, whether we’re on the front line or in the shadows doing billing or supporting systems.  And she reminded me and others in the audience just how much care providers impact a patient’s outcome, no matter where we work.

The more that we can do with technologies that help nurses and other care providers do the best job they can, the more we will continue to impact clinical, financial and operations outcomes. Helping patients is why I work in healthcare. Even though I work in IT, I always think about the patient as my ultimate customer. What about you?

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