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Keith Boone

Welcome from HIMSS, where as a Standards Geek for the last decade, I’ve been celebrating the end of one year’s interoperability standards development cycle and the start of a new one.  This year I begin it in a new role: Interoperability Guru for GE Healthcare Clinical Business Solutions.

I started my first day in the role January 25th, the first day of the IHE North American Connectathon and a great place to start. As I have done for the last decade. I hunted down the person who was in charge of the products we were testing to find out what our plan was for success for the week (or to help him or her make one).  As I got to his seat I realized that was my seat.  So, as in prior years, I had a good talking to myself about making plan and executing on it.

Expanding upon that theme, I’ve been listening to our customers tell us what they need, and talking with other leaders about how to make seamless interoperability a hallmark of GE Healthcare products. Such interoperability will be the means by which we deliver accurate, appropriate and actionable information to our customers … and theirs. In the best of all worlds, interoperability is invisible.  It works simply, and simply works.

As a result of this activity, we have developed a plan and are already refining and executing upon it.  Included in that plan are several exciting things being announced this week at HIMSS:

  1. We’re placing a big bet on HL7® FHIR® as the core API to support interoperability in our products.  We expect to be piloting FHIR APIs with a number of healthcare providers using our ambulatory EHR system later this year.
  2. We recently joined Carequality as an Implementer, and are working to connect a large number of our ambulatory EHR users to some of the largest1 and most respected2hospitals in their region.
  3. You will be hearing about the commitments GE Healthcare made to HHS/ONC to advance interoperability on Monday of this week.
  4. You may already have heard about the appointment of Jon Zimmerman, our business leader, to the KLAS Interoperability Measurement Advisory Team.
  5. Finally, we’ll be having several interoperability focused events at Centricity™ LIVE, GE Healthcare’s premier IT user conference, May 17-20 in Phoenix, AZ. Included in this year’s conference will be a round table on FHIR®, some demonstrations of what we are doing with it, and our first annual Interoperability Showcase event at Centricity LIVE.

See you at HIMSS, or if not here, then hopefully at Centricity LIVE in Phoenix.

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