Expanding the GE Healthcare portfolio benefits mothers and babies at San Juan Regional Medical Center

Charlie Neimeth

Coordinating care across settings for expecting mothers and new-born babies can be a challenge. From an IT standpoint, sharing data often involves manually entering reports from the perinatal information system into the EMR at the clinic or linking to the patient’s record as an attachment – neither approach is ideal.  Manual entry is time consuming and costly however allows physicians to more easily see the patient’s history when that information is needed.  By contrast, having to open a series of attachments to understand the patient’s history, at the time the information is needed is inefficient, inconvenient and may not communicate the patient’s overall history as effectively for the physician.

Facing these challenges, SJRMC (Farmington, New Mexico) set out to identify a new approach for sharing data that would help to improve quality across the continuum of care. To do this they wanted to give the caregiver network seamless access to the mother and child’s medical records. This meant efficiently and effectively sharing data from the primary care physician to the OB during baby development to the hospital for delivery and then to the pediatrician after birth. They turned to GE Healthcare to help.

SJRMC had been using GE Healthcare’s perinatal system, Centricity Perinatal, for many years, and the hospital felt comfortable putting their trust in GE Healthcare for an ambulatory EMR solution. Because Centricity EMR seamlessly transfers information from the clinic to and from the hospital’s Centricity Perinatal system, caregivers in either location could more quickly, easily and efficiently access patient information and track patient care.

Sheri Rawlings, the CIO at SJRMC told us: “Before we chose Centricity EMR, all our paper medical records for expecting mothers and their babies were transferred manually or faxed between the PCP, OB, hospital, and pediatrician offices. The new technology will allow us to move to an electronic medical record.  This will allow us to more safely and efficiently coordinate the care of our patients both internally and with the community physicians as well.”

The integrated Centricity solution is expected to enable better informed decisions in a more timely fashion and help support a higher level of quality care – not to mention decreased administrative costs of keeping and transferring patient records. It’s a powerful story illustrating how everyone can benefit from a care management approach influenced by the patient’s overall journey rather than the needs of individual provider silos. Efficiency and coordination are gained by the medical community and a safer and more cost effective experience is ultimately gained by the patient.


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