Embrace the Operating System change!

Jennifer Janowski

The software business is an interesting place to be.   It’s a microcosm of evolution and innovation.    And one thing is for certain, there is ALWAYS change.   Whether it’s a new operating system, new hardware, patches, or disruptive technology, change is constant.  And certain.

One of those big changes represents the end of an era.  Windows® XP is going away.  That is to say, as of April 8, 2014, Microsoft® no longer offers extended support for the Windows® XP operating system.    GE Healthcare’s CentricityTM Perinatal solution, like many in the industry, tracks Microsoft® operating systems closely.    Microsoft® is moving on, and so are we.   What this means to you Centricity Perinatal users on Windows® XP is that it’s time to make that change.

Since the news about Windows® XP has been out there for quite some time, comparisons on Windows® XP and Windows® 7 have been available since 2009.  Here are three examples: 

If, after reading these articles, you’re still not sure about moving on, here are five more reasons that will help get you over that finish line:

  1. Windows® 7 is actually pretty good!   Like your old sneakers, Windows® XP is comfortable.   But Windows® 7 has some really nice features—you might even like it better. You might already be using it on your home PC, so you know it’s nothing to be scared of.   Let’s embrace the change!
  2. The race has started a while ago and it’s time to move off the starting line.  In December of 2013, Tony Bradley from PC Magazine wrote, “Windows XP holdouts: 3 reasons you must upgrade now. Yes, now.”    Mr. Bradley’s article outlined 3 reasons to upgrade now and they include productivity, new technology, and security!
  3. For your Centricity Perinatal workstations, moving to Windows® 7 can be a DIY project.  But if needed, GE Healthcare can help you make the transition.  Our Services team understands what is needed and can get the job done.
  4. Windows® XP is no longer supported.  Microsoft® even had a countdown on their website until April 8, 2014.
  5. Version 6.94.3, GA in September 2013, was the last Centricity Perinatal version to be validated on Windows® XP.    So if you want to upgrade to take advantage of new features and functionality, you will need to upgrade your workstations.

Change is inevitable.   But this can be a positive change for your staff, your department, and your organization.  Let’s make it happen!


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2 thoughts on “Embrace the Operating System change!

    • Thank you for your inquiry. As an IT solution provider being used in many institutions, GE Healthcare understands the importance of and are continually working to maintain compatibility with operating systems and other OEM solutions. The CentricityTM Perinatal development team is actively evaluating Microsoft Server 2012. Though we have not had requests for SQL 2012 or Windows® 8 desktop solutions, we will continue to monitor those.”

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