EHR Association Developer Code of Conduct Announcement


In June, the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Association announced  a new Developer Code of Conduct that encourages cooperative and transparent business practices among industry stakeholders.

Today, GE Healthcare is announcing our endorsement and intent to adopt the EHR Association Developer Code of Conduct.

As stated in the preface to the Code, “Established in 2004, the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Association is currently comprised of more than 40 companies that supply the vast majority of operational EHRs to physicians’ practices and hospitals across the United States. The EHR Association operates on the premise that the rapid, widespread adoption of EHRs will, as a key enabler of healthcare transformation, help improve the quality of patient care as well as the productivity and sustainability of our healthcare system.”  The EHR Association is a partner of the Health Information Systems Management Society (HIMSS).

As a market leader in the Healthcare IT industry and a member of the EHR Association, its Executive Committee, and the Code of Conduct Workgroup, GE Healthcare was an active participant in the creation of the Code.  We support the Code’s key objectives, including:

  • Accurate communication about the functionality and benefits of our products and services
  • Patient safety
  • Interoperability and data portability
  • Efficient and accurate clinical and billing documentation
  • Developing and implementing our software, services, and business practices in ways that protect patients’ privacy through the secure handling of personal health information
  • Increasing patient engagement

The spirit of the Code is the same spirit that has guided the development of our electronic medical records and practice management solutions.

I invite you to stay tuned for more details on how we plan to adopt the EHR Association Developer Code of Conduct.  In the meantime, for more details on IT solutions available from GE Healthcare today, please visit

Justin Steinman

VP & GM, Clinical Business Solutions

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