Do Good. Do More. Do it together.


Good. More. Together.

Three simple words. But important ones. And ones I keep hearing as an undercurrent of so many of the formal sessions and informal discussions at Centricity™ LIVE, the GE Healthcare IT user group conference being held in sunny Florida.


What a privilege it was to hear Dr. Atul Gawande, one of the keynote speakers, kick off the conference with amazing insight and clarity.  There were so many key nuggets of wisdom that he imparted on the audience of about 1700. I found it interesting when this world famous yet apparently humble surgeon, professor, and best-selling author, shared that he had often asked himself the question: “How do I get good at what I do?” And over time, he broadened the question to “How do we all get good at what we do?” He realized the value that would come with a shift from each of us doing our own good work independently, to us doing good work collectively. A tightly integrated system that will add up to much more than the sum of its parts.  And in this quest to be good, he mentioned the importance that we ‘shift from being technology based to knowledge based’, leveraging Healthcare IT in the process. These questions have led Dr. Gawande on a journey that he may never have imagined, but one that so many have benefited from. A journey that has inspired and enabled healthcare providers in big cities and remote villages to focus on those fundamental questions, and act on them. And to strive to get really good at what they do.


John Flannery, CEO of GE Healthcare, shared that when he first took his current role within GE, he asked his boss, the CEO of GE, Jeff Immelt what Jeff expected of him in his role. John shared with the audience Jeff’s provocative answer: “More”. Well, John’s taking that one word and running with it, inspiring all of us at GE Healthcare to do more. More for our customers as John drives all of us to have what he calls a ‘maniacal focus on our customers’ because customers truly do determine our success. And more for the patients we are helping our customers care for. That simple mantra of “More” is driving all of us who are inspired by the passion we see daily from our customers to serve and positively impact our communities, near and far – and the patients within them. And throughout Centricity LIVE, customers are sharing with us what more they are trying to do, and how we can help them do it.


The third word that has been pervasive at Centricity LIVE is “together”. Not only am I hearing the word said throughout Centricity LIVE, but I am seeing the spirit of the word demonstrated throughout the conference as customers, vendor partners and GE representatives share experiences and work together to help address challenges and drive meaningful results in healthcare organizations. We heard Mike Jackman, the vice president and general manager of GE Healthcare IT’s specialty solutions, talk about initiatives we are working on together with our partners and customers as he shared the vision and strategy for our care delivery management and enterprise imaging solutions. He talked about how the roadmap for our solutions is crafted with feedback and input from our customers with the goal of helping them take care of patients as well and as efficiently as possible. While Mike highlighted some of the enhancements made to the solutions since the group gathered at Centricity LIVE last year, he shared where we’re going next and he spoke about the key investment themes that drive solution development. Customers heard how we are planning to further enhance the ability of care teams to collaborate and work together regardless of their location or where the patient is in their particular journey. And attendees learned of work that has been done and is being continued to enable customers to meet their enterprise goals without sacrificing the unique needs of the care areas.  Work that is enhancing interoperability between our solutions, the customer’s in-patient EMR of choice, and their devices. Mike shared several of the clinical, financial, and operational outcomes achieved by our customers with whom we’ve been honored to work. Together, we can transform healthcare and positively impact the patient experience, the caregiver’s efficiency, and the financial results of healthcare organizations. None of us can do it by ourselves. But together, we can.  Dr. Gawande said that “we have trained our caregivers to be cowboys when it’s pit crews that we need”.  Everyone working in alignment to get the best job done, working as an integrated team and system, with a clear mission to drive improvement. Together.

The stakes are high. The challenges are significant.  But transformation is possible, and it’s happening.

We can do a lot of Good. We can do More. And we must do it Together.

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