Delivering value – with user collaboration

Sue Feury

In the fall of 2014, GE Healthcare rolled out a new set of guiding principles – our beliefs – that shape the way we operate.

Belief #1: Customers determine our success.

This week at Centricity™ LIVE, our annual healthcare IT user group meeting, I have had the pleasure to meet with a myriad of customers and reflect on the power of that statement.

This is our first Centricity LIVE since the new beliefs were issued, and leader after leader reiterated GE Healthcare’s commitment to delivering value to our ambulatory practices. The link between customer success and GE Healthcare IT’s success was palpable.

Practices today are facing a number of industry pressures — from downward and shifting reimbursement trends to the influx of patients in the care delivery system and the ever-changing regulatory hurdles. And among these pressures, practices are looking for ways to increase clinical efficiency, strengthen financial performance, improve quality, and thrive through industry change.

Peter Kinhan, VP and General Manager of Ambulatory Practice Solutions, and his team, presented on ways we are delivering value to our Centricity Practice Solution and Centricity EMR customers. Key themes were strengthening our systems, helping practices elevate their financial and clinical performance, and positioning customers to thrive though industry change.

What’s different this year is how closely and deeply we are collaborating with our customers to define, design, and deliver that value. Workgroups on key initiatives have delivered powerful insights that resulted in impressive improvements to our customers’ already enviable performance.

One of the strengths of our ambulatory solutions is the customizability that allows our customers to practice in the way they prefer. When coupled with the strong interoperability we have brought to the solution, this customizability allows our customers to meet a wide range of needs.  And our collaboration partners, representing nearly every specialty within our installed base, are proud of the improvements they have helped us deliver to so many different care settings.

Our thanks go out to all those customers who have helped us define our success through your eyes.  We look forward to continuing the journey and helping you transform into the healthcare practice of the future – together.

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