Delivering the Razor’s Edge with healthcare IT – Five reasons why I can’t wait for the Olympics

Andrew Slotnick

On February 6th the first gold medal will be awarded at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi Russia and I could not be more excited. Performing on the world’s largest stage, under unimaginable pressure takes a lifetime of preparation and athletes from around the world have set their sights on Sochi to deliver their best performances. At GE Healthcare, we have been preparing too, working alongside care providers at the United State Olympic Committee (USOC) to deliver our own version of a perfect performance in Sochi.

The USOC will again be managing the U.S. Olympic teams’ electronic medical records with Centricity Practice Solution and as our teams depart for Russia this week, I find myself counting down the days to the opening ceremonies on February 8th.

Here’s why I am so excited.

  1. The first reason has nothing to do with Healthcare IT. I love winter sports, pretty much all of them and I love that for two weeks I get to support Team USA and watch the best of the best compete on a grand stage.
  2.  ‘Delivering the Razor’s edge’ is how Dr. Bill Moreau described how Centricity Practice Solution helps the USOC help athletes. When almost every event could be decided by fractions of a second, Dr. Moreau’s words really resonate with me and I feel even more engaged in each event.
  3. I am excited to see how we perform. An extremely dedicated team from GE Healthcare IT has been working closely with USOC to ensure that their systems are functioning at peak performance during this year’s Winter Games and I am eager to hear the results.
  4. Two members of our team will be on the ground supporting the USOC during competition. This feels like watching somebody from your home town pitch in the World Series.
  5. The Olympics fundamentally up the ante, setting the performance bar higher and higher every four years. I am excited to hear about how we can build upon this years’ experience in Sochi to deliver stronger results for all of our customers moving forward.

GE is the exclusive provider of a wide range of innovative products and services that are integral to staging a successful Olympic Games. GE works closely with host countries, cities and organizing committees to provide infrastructure solutions for Olympic venues including power, lighting, water treatment and transportation. GE also supplies local hospitals with diagnostic imaging equipment and healthcare IT solutions like ultrasound, MRI and electronic medical record technologies to help doctors treat athletes. For more information, please visit

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