Connecting Productivity with Care Hits Home


The human body is incredible. Such a complex, sophisticated machine that is designed to function in amazing ways with so many special parts working in concert. So by default, patients and patient care have their complexities. The field of medicine responds to that complexity in many ways, including the make-up of the provider community with generalists as well as specialists and sub-specialists. All have very important and necessary roles…and all operate with patient-centered care in mind.

Someone I love dearly was just diagnosed with cancer last week.  After doing some research, he saw an oncologist who specializes in this particular type of cancer. During his visit though, that oncologist recommended he see another oncology specialist, one who the doctor felt had even deeper expertise in the type of cancer involved. Like I’d imagine most patients would feel, he appreciated the additional referral, confident that it would help him get the appropriate care for this particular situation.

We all want the best care for ourselves and those we love. We want experts in the specific disease or issue we’re facing. And we want collaboration with a team of caregivers to provide collective input into how to treat our issue. We want to do everything we can to ensure the diagnosis is spot on and the treatment is precisely targeted to the problem at hand to build our confidence that the outcome will be as positive as possible. And for those of us in healthcare—whether a caregiver at a hospital or a GE Healthcare employee like me—we want optimized care for all patients.

Every day, we see advances in medicine and healthcare. We have incredibly skilled and talented professionals throughout the healthcare community, dedicated to making a difference. And those professionals now have the ability to use more advanced technology to collaborate faster and with experts they perhaps hadn’t been able to connect with before. And the systems they use to support them are designed with their specialty needs in mind to help provide them the information needed to make the best decisions possible.

The advances will continue. We will continue to improve on these tools and the ability to connect systems across the enterprise so information flows with the patient across the care pathway. We’ll continue to do more to enable the synthesis of multiple data sources to generate powerful insights. All with the goal of helping to enhance patient outcomes…for all patients, including our loved ones.

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