Changing now to win tomorrow

Charlie Neimeth

It’s no secret that rapid change in the healthcare business is redrawing the provider and vendor landscape. New regulations and care models are drivers and the ability to adapt and succeed is separating winners from losers.

Here’s what I mean. I was talking to a customer yesterday about their preparations for ICD-10 – the new code set for reporting medical diagnoses that will be activated next year. We were discussing the technology tools and organizational readiness plans the practice has in place to support the transition. This customer is definitely a winner and they are taking steps now to prepare for ICD-10. They want to avoid delays in payment after the switchover occurs in October 2014, and their change management plan is in place to ease challenges like staff anxiety and the time it takes to properly train physicians.

What’s really interesting about their approach though is that they are not just responding to the change, they are embracing it because they see it as an opportunity to get better. Where some may see a need to do it, they want to do it. They are leaders in their field and I am proud to know that they are working with GE Healthcare.

Going beyond ICD-10 means working now to realize the intent of the regulation. The overall goal for all of us, and the goal of all this reform, is to help improve care and deliver more value to the U.S. healthcare system. ICD-10 and other new regulations and payment models are meant to steer us in new directions. This organization sees that and wants to adopt ICD-10 not only because they want to continue to be paid in 2014 but because they see it as an opportunity to move to higher ground.

For example, their leaders look beyond the burden of thousands of new codes to see the benefit of more specific diagnoses, improved reporting and ultimately greater visibility to the practice’s performance and opportunities to improve.

This customer is out in front of ICD-10. They are starting early to prepare for the change. They are working with GE Healthcare because we are out in front too. We released our ICD-10-ready software last year.

ICD-10 is just one example of disruptive trends/regulations – but a great example of how preparation is the best offense. Do we want to just get by or do we want to improve? Are we reacting or planning changes now to win tomorrow? Leaders take the latter approach, and that is something that we proudly share with our customers.

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