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Sharon Carpinello

I have to admit prior to writing this blog I was clueless on the whole “blogging” sensation.   For this blog I decided to research other blogs to see what others are writing about. What an eye opener on how many blog sites are available on the web and how much information sharing is occurring.

“Blogging” was defined in the late 1990s¹ and they have evolved from online journals to a vehicle for sharing hot topics to valuable information. For healthcare workers, blog websites are numerous and can be very relevant. Now most professional organizations like The Joint Commission, AWHONN and NANN all host blog sites. Blogs are a great source of information on  what others are thinking. The key is recognizing which blogs are just “thoughts” vs actual information. Either way, they are a fun means of keeping   current in your profession.

As you know, GE Healthcare has an active blog site. But are you aware that we also have individual web portals that have best practice sharing, FAQs and lots more information.   The Centricity™ Perinatal customers are fortunate to have both the Centricity Perinatal User group (CPNUG)  and  the Centricity Perinatal services portal to share thoughts and ideas.  Services portals are also available for other GE Healthcare products.

We are so proud of our CPNUG. They are an active voice for the Centricity Perinatal business and have a very robust website and list-serve for their members to so they can instantly share information and best practices. For more information visit them at and click on contact us for more information.

The Centricity Perinatal Healthcare IT Service Portal is a one-stop where you’ll find the latest Centricity Perinatal product information including newsletters, release notes, customer manuals, complimentary product overviews, and direct links to software upgrade requests. Also on the service portal, are interactive communities that you can ask questions and get answers.   The current interactive communities are Frequently Asked technical/clinical questions, Upgrade, DRM, & Integration Communities.  Please click here to register ²

Though these sites are not “true blogs” they are excellent sources to help keep you up to date on the latest information on Centricity Perinatal.  Happy blog searching and don’t forget to check out your product based user groups and product specific portals!

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