Best in Class: Hospital IT

Andrew Slotnick

Healthcare IT News recently published an article announcing that the list of 277 nominated IT departments in its “Where to Work: The Best Hospital IT Departments”, and the study has been whittled down to the top 125 en route to a final list of the top 25. So, what? So I was thinking, could the same qualities that make a hospital IT department an outstanding place to work mirror the qualities that constitute an outstanding IT solution?

The 7 qualities that HCIT News asked hospital IT employees to weigh in on included; day-to-day work, IT team, management, hospital leadership, workplace culture, training and development and compensation. At first glance, it’s pretty easy to see how high scores on these attributes could represent a great IT department, but what about products such as EMR or Practice Management software?

  1. Day-to-day work – Superior interoperability, is one component of an outstanding technology solution that definitely contributes to a productive and enjoyable day to day work environment.
  2. IT Team – I’m not going to dive too deeply into this one. A great IT team makes a great IT solution, end of story. I happen to think that our team here at Centricity Practice Solution is amongst the best!
  3. Management – This is a serious one. Best of breed IT solutions allow users the ability to manage their resources more efficiently, just like IT management. From employee and patient scheduling to revenue cycle management to billing and coding documentation, an IT solution excels when it comes to management.
  4. Hospital Leadership – Leadership is critical and comes in many forms. In my mind, providers of IT solutions have the ability to follow the leadership and general needs of the markets that they serve. In many cases that leadership comes from hospitals.
  5. Workplace Culture – A best of breed IT solution allows users the flexibility to customize workflows to complement the culture of its users.
  6. Training and Development –Without comprehensive training, the wheels will fall of the IT bus before you even get moving. Development applies by way of the IT solutions preparedness for lingering future events such as ICD-10 and MU2.
  7. Compensation – Look, as far as I know EMR, practice management and other IT systems do not pay you to use them. In most cases actually, users pay to use the software. And in some cases, you have to pay a lot to use them. Best in breed IT solutions allow practices to get paid quicker for the services that they provide every day. Complicated and ever changing billing, workflow inefficiency and duplication of services are just a few factors that drive the cost of healthcare up and doctor’s paychecks down. An outstanding EMR and PM solution can turn that equation upside down. Improved workflows, up-to-date billing codes and shared information help drive costs down.

So the similarities between IT departments and IT solutions are now clear and comparing them has been fun. However, at the end of the day, what matters most (to me) is that exceptional IT departments and solutions lead synergistically to helping patient receive better, more cost effective care. The healthcare IT movement is a positive step in achieving those results; however, a continued commitment to patient care must be at the forefront. Hospital IT departments and healthcare IT providers are partners in driving this movement forward and the best in breed of both will continue to move the needle forward, and here at GE Healthcare IT our team maintains that perspective every day and the needle is indeed moving in the right direction.


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