Augmented Reality at GE Healthcare

Paul Klein

At Disney World visitors line up, sometimes for hours, to go into attractions.  When was the last time you saw people line up to see a trade show display?  The difference is generally in the quality of the experience.  Was it like attending a business meeting or a theme park ride?   Both can be informative, it’s just Space Mountain is a lot more exciting than most product demonstrations.

This was the challenge we faced in creating a GE Healthcare Information Technology exhibit for the RSNA trade show.  The result was the Centricity™ Solutions for Enterprise Imaging Augmented Reality Theater.  Visitors first got a chance to pet a Kola bear, dodge a dragon, stroke a dolphin  and hide from a dinosaur – all virtually, of course.  Guests took photos of themselves for their friends.  And that was all before the show started.

Augmented Reality

As the curtain opened, the Healthcare IT and AW story unfolded in stop action video, customer interviews and hospital scenes flew across a 35 foot wide 180 degree screen.  Dr. Shrestha, from UPMC,  spoke about the pursuit of “intelligent healthcare,”  Dr. Moreau from the US Olympic training center shared benefits from his central repository of patient records and  Debbie Balsic  demonstrated the new Centricity Clinical Archive image capture application.

Centricity Solutions for Enterprise Imaging Augmented Reality Theater

And then in a surprise moment, Marketing Manager Shradha Pathak magically appeared in the audience to have a dialog with the event’s virtual host about how our software helps to enhance diagnostic speed and confidence.  She disappeared as quickly as she appeared.

One radiologist told me that he found the presentation informative AND fun… and was eager to talk to our Advanced Visualization product specialists to learn about some of the new applications he saw described during the presentation.  Success!

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