A Sense of Gratitude at Centricity™ LIVE

Sharon Carpinello

As I reflect back on the past few days of Centricity™ LIVE with the Centricity Perinatal customers the one thing that sticks in my head is “thank you”.  Thank you to GE Healthcare for hosting such a wonderful customer event.  Thank you to the Centricity Perinatal User Group who opted this year to join the Centricity LIVE event.  Thank you especially to the customers for their continued commitment to the Centricity Perinatal product.

What an amazing time to be able to observe first-hand the importance of listening and observation.   The system administrators that are managing the Centricity Perinatal systems have shown that if you use these skills, tools that can help clinical workflows and help enhance patient care can be developed!   Some examples of these tools include computed items to capture charges directly from clinical documentation, configuration of the pre-oxytocin checklist and Bishop score documentation, checklists to support breastfeeding, physician documentation and the obstetric early warning system.   These are only a few examples of knowledge sharing presented at Centricity LIVE over the past few days.

I heard many times from the attendees how they plan to go back and educate others on their newly gained knowledge.  Many even have plans to create some of the tools that were presented.  Instant ROI from Centricity LIVE!

One of the attendees shared that Centricity LIVE is becoming her favorite conference and looks forward to it every year!   I know it has quickly become one of my favorite conferences also and I am already beginning to look forward to Phoenix in 2016.

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you!   Your knowledge, expertise, caring and commitment make me proud not only to be a nurse, but also a member of the Centricity Perinatal family.

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