3 Keys to Unlocking the Effectiveness of Your Training Program

Karen Perka

We all know training is crucial to making the most of new technology.

What’s not always as obvious, however, is how to design and deliver training that produces the best results.  Experts of GE Healthcare’s Centricity™ Business Knowledge Solutions team have developed more than 100 training programs for a variety of healthcare organizations. Based on this experience, consider these three key attributes of effective training to consider for both short- and long-term success.


An understanding of your organization and your processes should be the basis for the entire education program and courseware.  Training must focus on people, process and technology working together, integrating:

  • All installation phases
  • All your business requirements, whether they revolve around revenues, costs, risks, overall efficiencies or the patient experience
  • All relevant functional, technical and clinical education needs


With today’s shifting work schedules and lifestyles, you need to offer multiple ways for team members to access and absorb training.

Leave no learner behind through blended learning that includes not only customized instructor-led training, but also a significant portion of self-paced eLearning. This mix can also improve operational efficiencies and decrease expenses by reducing instructor-led time.


Circumstances change. Employees change. Any successful program will accommodate the continuous evolution of technology and your organization, taking into account issues such as:

  • New-hire usability
  • The performance objectives of each role, based on workflows
  • Progress tracking in a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Support needs well beyond the implementation

How do these three elements come together in a training program? In a future post, we’ll look at a case study regarding comprehensive training.


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