Why Finding the Perfect Match Matters

Blind date horror stories. We’ve all heard them. Many of us have had them. Now, with advances in science and technology, matches are made based on online questionnaires and algorithms. Sometimes, those matches lead to a happily ever after.

In healthcare, where the goal is to provide the highest quality care, a perfect match between patients and caregivers isn’t something that should only happen sometimes. It’s imperative that it happen every time. The delivery of great healthcare depends on this at every single facility, across the entire continuum of care, with every patient encounter.

The performance-based landscape of healthcare today requires so much more than simply assigning a nurse to a patient. Managers must first give consideration to the needs of the patient, the amount of nursing time needed to attend to these needs, and then match the patient with a nurse that has the right skills and competencies for their needs.

Organizations in the best position to achieve success have discovered that staffing strategies designed to improve workforce outcomes and the bottom line is the key to success.

One of the most impactful strategies for accomplishing these goals is acuity-based staffing. Why? Staffing and patient needs are deeply connected to the bottom line. When we take into consideration every aspect of a patient’s needs during the scheduling process, and find the perfect match between caregiver and patient, the ultimate result is long-term financial and care quality success for the organization.

Just like online dating, it takes two people and technology to create a…

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