More treating, with less of the typing and clicking

From a white-coat holding a stethoscope to a white-coat behind a screen, the image of today’s doctor has evolved to a more digitally-savvy, but perhaps less patient-engaged clinician. An influx of studies and media coverage have perpetuated this view, focusing on what technology takes away from a clinician rather than what it can and should deliver. Indeed, if technology is created smartly and implemented smoothly, digital solutions give much more than they take, helping to improve productivity, decrease burnout and expedite the journey to value-based care.  

That’s why GE Healthcare is intensely focused on the usability of technology and the integration of it into workflows, so the technical support becomes “invisible” and the clinician/patient experience reemerges front and center. It’s also why the company is adding new features to its Centricity Practice Solution, integrating population health and clinical analytics into the existing electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management system for a more holistic solution.

The updated technology has already made a significant impact. For example, Hospital Connect, which integrates clinical data from local hospitals into the Centricity Practice Solution workflow is saving an hour per provider, per day in chart reviews. 

With cloud-based apps, AI-enabled tools, and intelligent machines becoming…

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Combined Business Office: greater scale, efficiency and insight into revenue operations

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