Payment Reconciliation: Does it really have to be so difficult?

There are many activities in today’s challenging healthcare environment that absolutely need to be high touch: the care given to a patient, the understanding of the patient’s social and living environment, and knowing and working within a patient’s financial constraints to help manage high deductible health plans are among the many issues you must tightly manage. Within the healthcare business office, we have been very fortunate to see improvements to what was once a highly manual or paper based system over the past 15 years, with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) certainly helping to lead the way. Wide adoption of electronic claim submission, electronic remits, electronic eligibility verification (just to name a few), have for most organizations improved and streamlined the processes between payers and providers. However, there are still many opportunities to increase or improve automation for much of the business side of healthcare. One area near and dear to me: automating the payment reconciliation process.

In the context of this post, I initially want to focus on the reconciliation process between what is coming in thru an ERA (835 transaction) and the data that is deposited into your organization’s bank accounts. In working with healthcare organizations, I have found that in today’s highly automated business office at least 75% of their ERA and deposit information is manually reconciled. For some organizations, reconciling means printing a report of the remit file data and downloading their bank deposit file…

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