Building a Better App with Beta Testing

Rome wasn’t built in a day; great achievements take time, so they say. But in the increasing complexity of the present-day healthcare industry, we can’t afford to wait for history to unfold. New solutions are needed now.

That’s why I’m excited about the rapid deployment and robust features of GE Healthcare’s new X-ray Quality Application, featuring Repeat/Reject Analytics (RRA). As the system architect for this new application, I’d like to give you a brief overview of the agile development method and beta testing process for this powerful new solution.

Why an X-ray Quality Application?

Examining how often X-ray images are rejected, and the reasons behind the rejected images, can help reduce patient exposure to unnecessary radiation through repeated exams, as well as unnecessary rework by radiology staff.

Over the last year, we worked to create something that can gather X-ray data and analyze it to reveal image reject causes. And we’ve learned a lot in the beta testing of the app, which we applied to help future installations.

A Balance Between Rigor and Speed

The X-ray Quality Application is not classified as a medical device therefore its design cycle required less documentation than an X-ray clinical application. This…

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Wish I Had an App like This When I Was a Technologist

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