Better Tools, Better Decisions…



One of my favorite icebreakers lately has been “what is your favorite smart phone app”? I enjoy learning a little something from my colleagues, why these tools matter to them as well as how their use of the technology has evolved. I have lots of favorites, yet I feel the most benefit personally from MyFitnessPal™ and RunKeeper™ Apps.

To put it simply, these tools measure my Ins and Outs. MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter.   And RunKeeper is a fitness tracker . These tools tell me if the work I’m putting in is yielding results. They help me understand that after that calorie bomb of a lunch, I may want to walk a few more steps, log into CoreCamper™ for a quick 20-minute workout or understand that perhaps a lighter dinner would be a better choice. I’ve even started to track my shoe miles so I can better anticipate when I need to replace other than just by feel and visual inspection.

Like most software tools, there is a lot more to it than I use. New features are added all the time as I’m reminded by the App Store®. Fortunately, I know it’s there and when I’m ready, I can continue my journey to making better health decisions.

Fetal Strip Analytics is another tool to help us make better decisions. It helps Labor and Delivery clinicians to assess the wellbeing of their patients. Our clinical developers at GE have often referred to it as “the second set of eyes”….

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