Collaborating in Community Healthcare

The statistics are astonishing. The US spent nearly $3.4 trillion on healthcare in 2016 – more than $10,000 per person. By 2025, healthcare spend will account for almost 20% of our GDP. This is simply not sustainable.

Pushed to the limit
Community health centers are leading the transformation to value-based care. They serve our most vulnerable populations with patient-centered preventive care and services – all delivered at the lowest possible cost. As I talk with healthcare providers and administrators at community health centers, I hear an unwavering commitment to their mission, but they’re struggling to keep up. Funding is a perennial problem, yet their patient population is growing rapidly.

From 2008 to 2015 alone, community health centers increased the total number of patients served by 42% (more than 7.2 million additional patients).

Additionally, the community health centers’ IT systems are not designed for the massive volumes of data needed today nor the clinical workflows that extend the continuum of care beyond the practice walls. The result is often time-consuming and cumbersome documentation and reporting. For example, a recent Deloitte survey illustrates their frustration: 7 in 10 physicians said electronic health records reduce their productivity.

It’s no wonder. Most EHR/EMR solutions are designed to digitize a paper process, but what is really needed today is intelligent insight powered by a wing-to-wing solution that focuses on the care team workflow.

A single, simple solution
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