About Travis Frosch

Travis Frosch

Travis is the Director of Analytics and Cybersecurity within GE Healthcare IT and GE Digital. With over 16 years of healthcare experience and 13 years of expertise in reporting, Business Intelligence, and analytics solutions on various platforms, Travis has worked closely with executives, IT staff, analysts, and clinicians to develop and embed solutions using data and analytics to solve their most significant challenges. Travis has continued to push innovation at GE from building and managing the Cardiology Custom Report Writing business, through the release of GE’s first Revenue Cycle-focused advanced analytics module, DenialsIQ earlier in 2015. Prior to joining GE Healthcare, Travis was the Systems Administrator of the Cardiac Service line in a large hospital network in Orlando, FL. In January 2016 Travis was selected as a recipient of the 2015 GE Healthcare IT CEO’s Award. He graduated from the University of Central Florida majoring in Health Service Administration and minoring in Healthcare Finance.

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