About Charles Holive

Charles Holive

Charles is a 14 years GE healthcare veteran. In his current role, Charles and team champion analytics and artificial intelligence across GEHC leveraging the Predix Industrial Internet. They have successfully launched an Analytics platform and business framework, which unleashes powerful insights for customers from data captured through their own applications and/or devices. Additionally, as a strong believer in crowd development, Charles is creating an innovative program for business teams that simultaneously develops critical skills and prepares them to launch their own analytics solutions – everyone can be a data scientist!

Charles holds an engineering and business master degree from the French École Centrale de Lille. He held various leadership positions within GE Healthcare including IT leader for Finance, OTR and Business Intelligence in Europe Middle-East Africa region. In 2010, Charles took the lead on the GE Healthcare IT business operations for France, Belgium and the Netherland.
Mid-2014, Charles moved to San Francisco, CA, joining the GE Software Center to start a new analytics business unit.

Charles has a passion for music, frequently performing with friends, colleagues or his wife who is a professional singer.

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